Navigating Insurance In Costa Rica: A Comprehensive Guide For Expats And Investors

by Quatro Legal Corporate Team | April. 10, 2024 | Article, Corporate

One of the most common pieces of advice we provide at Quatro Legal, especially regarding insurance in Costa Rica for expats and investors, is the importance of securing assets and property with a national policy from a recognized company. The process of obtaining insurance in Costa Rica can be complex, especially for foreigners who may find the local procedures daunting. Our team of experienced Costa Rica lawyers is here to assist with every step.


Understanding How Insurance Policies in Costa Rica Work

When you secure an insurance policy in Costa Rica for real estate, as the policyholder, you are entitled to demand indemnity in case of force majeure or a fortuitous event, based on your coverage and the insured property. It’s crucial to understand that obtaining compensation is not automatic and involves a due process each insurer enforces, which can be particularly cumbersome for investors and foreigners unfamiliar with the local system.

Coverage refers to the type of events your policy addresses, which could include natural disasters, theft, loss, civil liability, and damages. The term “insured property” encompasses the items covered under the policy if one of the specified events occurs, such as jewelry, household contents, or garden objects.


Filing an Insurance Claim in Costa Rica: The Necessary Steps

In the event of an incident that falls under the indemnity items of your insurance in Costa Rica, you must undertake several steps to ensure due process:

Immediate Action: In natural disasters, take all possible actions to minimize losses or damage. In case of fire, for instance, the fire department should be contacted to prepare a report detailing the incident and possible causes.

Report the Incident: In the event of theft, you or a representative must report to the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) and secure a copy of the report, an essential requirement for enforcing the policy. Documenting the incident with photos or videos as soon as possible is critical and serves as vital evidence.

Notify the Insurer: Contact your insurer within the period indicated in the policy after the event to inform them of what occurred. In the notice, it is recommended to include the facts that occurred, the damage generated, the information of the policy and the means to receive notifications. This last one is very important to be contacted by the Insurer to coordinate the visit of the expert. The insurer must send an expert to evaluate the case, the damages, collect the evidence and make the recommendations.

Documentation and Evidence: Maintaining photos of the property and an inventory of possessions, along with receipts or purchase invoices, is important and can significantly influence the compensation outcome.

Expert Evaluation: The insurer will send an expert to evaluate the case, assess the damages, collect evidence, and make recommendations. It is advisable not to alter the site until after this visit.

Claim Resolution: Following the expert’s assessment, the insurer will determine within a specified period whether the claim is justified and proceed with compensation based on the case specifics.


Why Expert Costa Rica Legal Assistance is Crucial

The above steps are a quick guide to what the policyholder can do in the event of a claim. However, it is important to note that, even if all the above steps and requirements are followed, there is no guarantee of a successful claim, as the vast majority of cases fail because they do not have good advice and information on each step to follow.

That is why at Quatro Legal, a leading law firm in Costa Rica we take very seriously the indemnity claim process of our clients; therefore, we have personnel in several parts of the country that provide individualized, physical, or virtual assistance on a continuous basis in the event of a fortuitous event or force majeure, which implies a continuous and informed accompaniment to the policyholder.

In addition to the above, our vast experience allows us to communicate and advise our clients on the handling of events before the various public authorities. Our trajectory has allowed us to create links with various insurance companies, which allows us to have exclusive agents for quick and efficient attention. In this sense, we have alliances with local insurance companies, and we take care of managing, renewing and administering your insurance policies.

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