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by Quatro Legal Labor & Employment Team | May. 09, 2024 | Article, Labor & Employment

New trends in the area of human resources are of great importance for labor law as they show us the direction that labor dynamics are taking.

Both the pandemic and technological advances have set a clear direction towards digitalization and improvement in work environments.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the current preferences in the area:

1. Workflow Automation
It seeks to optimize, through automation, those routine and repetitive processes in the area of Human Resources.

This results in better execution time and reduces the possibility of human error, but the most advantageous part of doing so is allowing Human Resources talent to focus on tasks aimed at business strategy.

Some examples of tasks that can be automated include: tracking work hours, recruitment processes, project management tools, vacation requests, among others.

Care must be taken with traceability to the person who signs and receives and the correct handling of their data. Each of these trends must be applied with the necessary precautions.

2. Workplace Flexibility and Remote Work
This has become an expectation for the vast majority of workers, which has generated the need for companies to adopt remote or hybrid work policies, both to attract and retain talent.

Remote work reports higher levels of satisfaction and productivity.

This type of benefit allows the worker and the company to carry out the contracted work from any location with a good internet connection, lighting, and privacy (among others).

In our case, we must remember the existence of the local law and regulations, to ensure it is offered within the legal framework. Additionally, anticipate through internal regulations situations not foreseen in the law or country regulation, in line with the reality of our business and its dynamics.

3. Employee Well-being
This aspect is crucial.
Organizations are increasingly focusing on the holistic well-being of their workers, which ranges from promoting a balance between work and personal life to their mental and physical health.

Seeking activities and a culture that reduces anxiety and stress has become increasingly important.

Various initiatives can be oriented in this direction, such as gym memberships, nutrition workshops, internal sports activities, health services, among others.

Always remember to review well how each benefit will be implemented and what its nature will be, to know its impact on payroll and other labor rights.

4. Continuous Skill Development
This strategy can focus on a way to help workers adapt to change and stay competitive.

Having staff acquire new skills and knowledge aligned with the business will always be an investment, whether it improves their knowledge or acquires new ones. This is undoubtedly a benefit that goes both ways!

We know there are training, certifications, courses, etc., that can have a considerable cost, so make sure the worker is aware of that investment and eventually responsible for its misuse.

5. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Undoubtedly, pillars that reflect an environment of respect.
The way to create or reinforce it is by developing policies and practices that ensure all employees are valued based on their merit and have opportunities for success accordingly.

What do you think? Is your company on trend or do we need to consider any of these initiatives?

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