Receiving your Costa Rican residency card (DIMEX): the reality of the DIMEX process and the renewal process.

by Quatro Legal Immigration Team | Jan 3, 2024 | Article, Immigration

Once you have registered with CCSS and EBAIS, you will receive your Costa Rica residency card. You will need to take the following steps:

a) Schedule an appointment at BCR. You will need to register online and appointments are subject to availability; b) On your appointment date, pay the fees indicated in your approval resolution at BCR; c) BCR will issue your residency card.

If your Costa Rican residency expires, the renewal process must be completed three months prior to expiration. A fine of US$3.00, legal tender of the United States of America, will be charged for every month the renewal is delayed. If the residency has been expired for over three months at the time of renewal, in addition to the requirements mentioned below, a letter justifying the delay must be submitted. A lawyer must authenticate this letter.

The steps to renew your Costa Rica residency are the following: a) Schedule an appointment at the General Directorate of Immigration by calling either 1311 or 900-0034639; b) At the appointment, submit the following documents: expired residency card, certification of enrollment in CCSS, proof of payment of the renewal fees (these fees are subject to change so confirm the amount prior to your appointment), and a valid passport.

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