If I am part of a corporation, how can I obtain residencies for my executives?

by Quatro Legal Immigration Team | Jan. 2, 2024 | Article, Immigration

The first step if you are part of a corporation and wish to bring foreign personel to Costa Rica is to check with your Quatro Legal Immigration expert if you can register your corporation at Immigration. The primary benefits of the new accreditation process are:

  • Priority filing status: The General Immigration Office has a designated filing location and staff for accredited companies, reducing the waiting time to file applications to approximately 5 business days;
  • Reduced processing times: Temporary Residence Permit processing times are substantially reduced to 30 business days from the date of filing with the General Immigration Office (current processing time for non-accredited companies is approximately twelve months);
  • Reduced documentation requirements: Foreign national workers for accredited companies are not required to present extensive corporate documentation with their permit applications, as all required corporate documentation will be submitted with the company’s accreditation application; and
  • Initiate work in Costa Rica with the filing of the application. Applicants may start working as soon as their applications have been submitted to Immigration, while the applicants for non-accredited companies will have to wait up to 12 months until the approval of their applications have been issued and notified.
  • Permit validity: Temporary Residence permits issued to foreign nationals sponsored by accredited companies will be valid for two years, renewable for as long as the company is registered and the foreign national keeps on working for the accredited company


Classification for company accreditation:

Category A: Companies located under a Free Trade Zone regimen.

Category B: Companies registered as exporters before the Costa Rican Ministry of Commerce.

Category C: Companies operating in the touristic sector (hotels with a Touristic Declaration and a classification of a four star hotel or more, and airlines registered in the Airline Association).

Category D: Companies operating in the financial, pension and insurance area in Costa Rica.

Category E: Companies operating or about to initiate operations in the telecommunications area in Costa Rica, and are supervised or registered by the Telecommunications Authority.

Category F: Multinationals companies characterized for having a brand name or trademark which is recognized world widely and have operations and offices in at least 3 countries besides Costa Rica.

Category G: Companies that have been hired and designated by the Costa Rican government through processes of Administrative Hiring.

Once your corporation is accredited, your executives, managerial staff or specialist works will be able to apply for a Temporary Residency.


Process Overview

If the assignment length is permanent or more than 1 year and the foreign national will receive a salary in Costa Rica, and bring dependents (spouse, children) we can process a Temporary Residency (TR).

The TR application consists generally of information and supporting documentation from the foreign national and the sponsoring entity explaining the foreign national’s reasons for applying, the basis and nature of the proposed stay (i.e., an employment contract to perform specific activities for a limited duration), proof of the sponsoring company’s good standing with Costa Rican authorities, and proof that the applicant does not have a prior criminal history and is not otherwise barred from entry. TR recipients who are not already in Costa Rica may enter using their TR and are not otherwise required to obtain an entry visa.

Required documents: (this list is for accredited companies. Non-accredited companies have more requirements):

Scanned copy of:
Passport bio page
Scanned copy of marriage certificate. If applicable
Scanned copy of spouse and children’s birth certificate(s). If applicable.

Hard documents:
Police clearance certificate legalized or apostilled, and officially translated
Marriage certificate legalized or apostilled, and officially translated
Spouse and Children’s birth certificates legalized or apostilled, and officially translated
Work contract: salary must be at least minimum wage plus 25%

Information needed to draft supporting documents:
Monthly salary information
Full job description and length of assignment


Temporary Residence Validity Period

Temporary Residence sponsored by companies that are accredited by the Costa Rican authorities are valid for an initial period of two years. TRs can be extended indefinitely provided that the sponsoring entity and the foreign national TR holder continue to satisfy the requirements for the TR.

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