My Costa Rica Residency Application Has Been Approved: What Are The Next Steps After Receiving The Approval Resolution And My Residency Card?

by Quatro Legal Immigration Team | July 1, 2024 | Article, Immigration

Once Costa Rican residency has been approved by the General Directorate of Immigration and the applicant has been notified, the applicant has 90 business days to take the following steps:


Register with the Social Security Administration (CCSS).

According to the Immigration Act, foreign citizens who obtain residency in Costa Rica must register with the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social “CCSS” or “Caja” (Social Security Administration) as voluntary payers. Applicants must go to the nearest CCSS office to be interviewed by an officer and file the necessary forms. The applicant’s dependents (underage children and spouse) can be included in the CCSS insurance coverage at no additional cost.


What are the requirements for registering with CCSS?

a) A copy of each family member’s passport; b) A copy of each family member’s residency resolution issued by the General Directorate of Immigration; c) Certification of income issued by a CPA; d) If applicable, certification of the company owning the investment; e) In the case of a real estate investment, certification of the property’s title; f) A copy of an existing utility bill (electric or water); g) Interview conducted by the CCSS officer.

Since pensioner and investor residents are not permitted to work or perform remunerated activities in Costa Rica, CCSS presumes they do not generate income in the country. Based on the information provided, CCSS will set the base income for the insurance and the amount will be charged as a percentage of the income the foreign national declared in his/her residency application. Each application will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.


Register at the local EBAIS.

Once the applicant has registered with CCSS, all dependents must register at the nearest EBAIS. EBAIS are basic medical centers that provide the first line of medical care.


What are the requirements for registering at the EBAIS?

a) A copy of each family member’s residency resolution issued by the General Directorate of Immigration; b) A copy of each family member’s passport; c) A copy of the children’s birth certificates; d) A copy of an existing utility bill (electric or water); e) Sworn statement ratifying the validity of the marriage license; f) Voluntary insurance forms provided by CCSS duly completed, including the sworn statement.


Do you need to schedule an appointment with EBAIS and CCSS?

EBAIS and CCSS offices are located around the country and each has its own policies. As such, it will depend on the policies of your local office.

  • Local ID card or DIMEX appointment. Your Quatro Legal immigration experts will schedule the appointment for you to obtain your Local ID car (DIMEX.

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