“2020 has been a complicated year”—understatement of the century. Nevertheless, for us, it was a breakthrough year. Finally, after five years since we founded the Firm, Quatro Legal will appear as a ranked and recommended law firm in the prestigious legal directories “Chambers & Partners,” “The Legal 500” and “Best Lawyers.” This was a goal we had set as an organization from the start. How did we get there? We decided not to push it, but rather let it happen organically; we wanted our track record, our clients, our services and our competitors do the talking and get us there.

What does it mean for a law firm to appear in legal directories? Legal directories came into existence decades ago as a way to create databases with information of solo legal practitioners, law firms, locations, fields of practice, etc.

Over time, legal directories have become more sophisticated. They include regional and/or country market overviews, analysis of firms’ sizes, expertise, transactional records, clients’ references, and opinions of leading lawyers or firms in their market and colleagues. It is a marketing tool for the legal community to showcase to the world what you have to offer and attract business, but more importantly, it is a form of recognition to have obtained a certain amount of relevance in your region or country.

Yes, all of that is important, but that is not why it is important to us.

What does it mean for Quatro Legal? Let’s go back in history five years ago. When we founded the firm, we basically had no clients, no income, no brand, we left the security of our jobs at a recognized firm and borrowed money to get started. However, we had a strong belief that against all odds and in a very competitive market with about thirty thousand other lawyers, we were going to make it and stand out. Why? Because we believed that we could offer the same quality of legal services any big or established firm could but giving it our own personal touch. In our case, giving it our personal touch means getting in touch with our clients on a personal level. Truly being there for them. Creating relationships, not transactions.

“Service Excellence” was, and is still to this day, our core value. This means everyone from our team must give their best every time and at every turn with every client. That is the mindset that we started with. From day one, we picked up the phone and called everyone we knew and tried to set meetings, calls or anything to get our foot in the door. Some went great, others good and many not that great. We worked around the clock, trying to get references, being creative and finding new ways to attract clients. We made mistakes along the way, but it was fun, we learned, and more importantly, we never felt that we had made the wrong decision founding our Firm. Over time we got rid of bad elements, gathered new members that strengthened our core, lived by our values and more importantly, received motivation from the constant support, appreciation, feedback and love of our clients. Time passed, things got easier and our Firm stronger.

So, what does it means for Quatro Legal to appear in the legal directories?

It means that our company has grown and that our goals and dreams have bore fruit.

It means that our clients believe in us and valued and appreciated all the time and effort we put into their cases, businesses and lives.

It means that we did not give up when things did not work out, when we had setbacks or faced tough choices.

It means that hope and passion combined with discipline and consistency are the base for finding success in life but also in the legal profession.

It means that we were true to ourselves.

Thank you to our clients, our team and our vendors for being there along the way and to anyone that took the time to read this blog. I guess you can say that hard work really does pay off.

We are here to stay, and it’s all because of you.

Gonzalo Rojas B.
Quatro Legal