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by Quatro Legal Real Estate Team | Mar. 02, 2024 | Article, Real Estate

How a Costa Rica real estate lawyer can help you sell your property: The Pre-Listing Service

Are you thinking about selling your home and wondering if you need a Costa Rica real estate lawyer? Here are a few questions to help:

  • Do you have a portfolio of documents ready for a buyer to perform due diligence on your Costa Rica property for sale?
  • Are you confident that your property is in full good standing and no contingencies will arise when you have a buyer?
  • Do you have a Real Estate Agent working on the sale of your property, and have you provided them with the property information packet?

These questions stem from our day-to-day experience dealing with sellers in Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, before working with Quatro Legal, many property owners suffer setbacks in their Costa Rica sales process due to a lack of information.

The secret tool of a Costa Rica real estate lawyer

What’s the most powerful tool in selling a property? Information. The more you know about a property, the easier it is to present it compellingly so that a potential buyer sees the value in your Costa Rica property for sale.

To expedite the property selling process, I recommend enlisting a Pre-Listing Service beforehand. Let’s go over what that looks like:

Get your Costa Rica property ready for sale with a Pre-Listing Service

Selling a property involves more than just deciding to sell and enlisting a real estate agent. In the current Costa Rican real estate market, there is a wide selection of properties, many of which are attractively presented online and marketed by proficient Real Estate Agents or Companies.

However, when buyers explore online or inspect a property in person, they lack immediate access to essential legal information about the property and the seller. Thus, even if they show interest or like the property, the responsibility to ensure that the property is free of legal encumbrances falls on real estate lawyers.

Based on our experience, 98% of real estate transactions that fail to close do so because of issues discovered during the Due Diligence period. Many of these issues could be resolved if identified early, preferably before the property is under contract. Addressing these issues while under contract can be time-consuming or costly.

As a seller, ensuring that your property is in good standing and that you possess all the necessary documents for Due Diligence is crucial. To help you stay ahead, our firm offers a Pre-Listing Service designed to prepare sellers for a smooth transaction.

Get ahead of potential setbacks with the Pre-Listing Service

The Pre-Listing Service involves a Costa Rica real estate lawyer conducting an early due diligence to verify and collect all necessary items for successfully listing your property for sale, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. This service is designed to prepare your property for the market, enhancing its attractiveness to potential buyers and facilitating a quicker sale.

Here’s how it works:

Depending on the property type, we will prepare a “pre-listing checklist” comprising the standard documents a real estate agent will require to list your property and that a buyer’s attorney will eventually need for the Due Diligence process.

Should any issues arise, we will inform the client about the problems detected, so we can collaborate to address these issues and resolve any related contingencies.

What if a contingency cannot be resolved? This is an important question.

If an issue is unresolvable, it can be disclosed to potential buyers in advance and specifically excluded from the conditions under which Due Diligence might lead to a rejection of the sale. Furthermore, it can be clarified that this issue should not be grounds for a price reduction or credit, as it has already been accounted for in the pricing.

Selling a property in Costa Rica can be an exciting yet challenging process, but we are here to help!

Our Costa Rica Real Estate lawyers will provide our expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the local market and will work tirelessly to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Fill out the form below to get a courtesy e-meeting. We’ll review the Pre-Listing Service and discuss what you need to get your property ready to sell!

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