Bags are packed and bucket list ready: How do I enter Costa Rica and how long can you stay?

by Quatro Legal Immigration Team | Jan. 2, 2024 | Article, Immigration

Costa Rica is the land of pura vida, lushing nature and incredible fauna, but like any other country entering legally has its formalities; therefore, every traveler should know that foreign citizens may enter the country as tourists without a visa depending on their country of origin. The United States, Canada and most European countries have this privilege. If you are not from any of this nationalities, it will be wise to research if an entrance visa is required.

In principle, citizens from the United States and Canada are permitted up to a 180-day stay as tourists. Other requirements to enter Costa Rica are to demonstrate sufficient funds in the amount of at least US$100.00, legal tender of the United States of America, per month and a round trip or onward air ticket. Finally, those travelers coming from South America and/or sub-Sahara Africa may required to have a yellow fever vaccine certificate to show upon entry.

If a foreign citizen is allowed entry into Costa Rica for 90 days as a tourist, remember that a visa extension is not permitted. Visa extensions are permitted only for tourist visas granted for a period of less than 90 days. If an extension is requested and accepted, it will be for the period necessary to complete the 90-day term.

Many of our clients ask us what happens if a tourist overstays his/her visa? (We don’t blame you Costa Rica is incredible place to visit. It happens). Any unlawful stay in Costa Rican territory will subject the foreign citizen to an immigration fine equivalent to US$100.00, legal tender of the United States of America, for each month of unlawful stay in the country. Failure to pay the fine will cause the tourist to be barred from entering the country for a period equivalent to three times the length of the unlawful stay.

Next time you plan your vacation be sure to review you have everything requirement checked to enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer. Maybe soon you will be as Costa Rica Resident or Costa Rica citizen.

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