Costa Rica’s Real Estate market is on the rise. Now, foreigners are headed into the country hoping to make this paradisiac land their home, set up their business, or invest. The country offers splendid opportunities and dream-like locations to settle down and ideal conditions for foreign investments.

Whatever your situation may be, it is always important to analyze you’re about to enter an unknown Real Estate market in a completely different country. Even if you’re a Real Estate expert, there are many things you probably don’t know (and shouldn’t have to), if you haven’t been in the business in Costa Rica for a while.

You may wonder if you really need a Real Estate Lawyer in Costa Rica? Yes, you do; and here is why:

  1. To guide you through the process

 Finding your dream property or home may not seem like a complicated process, and in reality, it’s not. However, the legal procedure that comes with it may trouble foreigners: the legal language, documentation, and negotiations can be overwhelming. Especially, when considering it is a different legal system. A Real Estate Attorney will guide you and will thoroughly explain every detail of your purchase.

  1. To have someone who will look out for you

Your Real Estate lawyer will look out for you, protect your interest and warn you on any potential problems during the transaction. During the entire process, your lawyer is the only one who will be making sure you’re protected. If the transaction seems off, if something isn’t right or you shouldn’t be buying that property, your lawyer will tell you.

In addition, just like anywhere else in the world, there will always be people who try to take advantage of you or rip you off. Hiring a lawyer ensures you will not be a victim of fraud or you will not be scammed. They know who’s real and who’s not.

  1. To do a due diligence

Before buying a property or a house in Costa Rica, it is crucial to do a proper due diligence. Your lawyer will carefully and meticulously review and analyze every single detail of the property you want to buy. There are specific points that should be taken into consideration before putting in the offer, or else there could be potential problems when building a house, remodeling or setting up a project.

A proper due diligence will eliminate any possible contingencies. Your lawyer will be clear and let you know if everything is right and the property is a good fit.

  1. To review all the documentation

There is a lot of paperwork involved in a Real Estate transaction. Most of it needs to be in Spanish, as it is filed before the Public Registry. Your attorney will ensure the information is accurate and there are no mistakes. A skilled lawyer has seen it all, and will not let anything slide, especially if it’s going to harm you in any way.

  1. To have peace of mind

 Moving to a new country or opening a business is fun, exciting and thrilling; but it can also be quite a stressful process. Knowing everything is taken care of, having someone who you’re sure has you best interest in mind and you can trust, is everything you need to take your mind off the deal and focus on other things.

Hiring an experienced lawyer, who specializes in Real Estate and has been in business for a while, is extremely comforting. You know you’re in good hands and someone trustworthy is handling your matters.

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