Financing, investing, commercial opportunities, dealing with paperwork, solving conflicts, managing risk, business growth, negotiating, recruiting, employee relations.


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Service excellence is an attitude ingrained in every member of our firm, from our receptionist, to our partners and all of our staff.

It means providing a consistent premium legal service at every pass and in any situation. If our clients don't take holidays, breaks or vacations, neither do we.


Our clients and their success are our business and that mentality drives our firm at every level.


Legal expertise and customer service are so much more than words on a slogan.


It is all for us.

complex transactions


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Consolidating projects
in Costa Rican markets


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Doing business with
the government


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human resources


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banking & corporate.

Investing to develop a business can be a complex process. We are here to advice banks, creditors, and companies on their financing needs, hence, our clients can focus on growing their business and reaching their goals.

banking & corporate.

If you are looking to put your money to work or if are looking for a loan, we have the right structure for you.

We implement investment funds and trust structures as part of our day to day activities. We provide extensive advice in the different legal options you have to secure your assets.

Our focus is to help you execute your business plans and strategies, create competitive advantages within the legal system and provide you with efficient ways to structure your company’s operation.

We provide legal advice in M&A as part of our sophisticated business counseling. We can help you grow, reduce or change the nature of your business as well as improve your position in a very competitive market.


business & real estate.

Our grasp of the issues that businesses face day to day and vast experience in different corporate and commercial areas allows us to provide pin point solutions to entrepreneurs, companies and investors looking to seize opportunities in a competitive market.

business & real estate.

We help you reach success in acquiring or selling properties. Negotiating, advising and developing complex real estate projects is part of our core business.

Our commercial and civil legal knowledge combined with our business savvy, makes us a strategic partner in your entrepreneurship activities. We help you create the right game plan for your business to succeed.

We advise on the best course of action to ensure your interests and goals are met, future disputes are avoided and value is created.

Our knowledge of the legal court system combined with our business expertise allows us to provide strategic counseling in civil and commercial litigation before the local courts and national or international arbitration panels.


public law, government procurement & regulatory affairs.

Failure to comply with the increasing requirements and estate bureaucracy can damage business income, operation and reputation. We assist companies in risk management and strategic planning when doing business with the government, their public policies and regulations.

public law, government procurement & regulatory affairs.

We provide immediate and personalized counsel when you’re looking to do business with the government.

The government decisions may not always be for your best interests, we help you review them and demand accountability.

We defend free market competition and advocate for your position before others with conflicting interests. We influence public policy through strategic thinking and knowledge of the legal due process.

We ensure your individual and business rights by analyzing the constitution and making sure it is respected.

labor & employment.

Starting a business and hiring employees in Costa Rica can be difficult. We can help you understand how it works, manage your human resources and control contingencies with your payroll.

labor & employment.

We have a hands-on approach to employment, from drafting contracts to offering counsel on writing company work policies.

We promote negotiation and mediation methods as an alternative to labor trials, thus resolving dispute privately and efficiently. Also, we provide counseling in litigation processes both in judicial and administrative venues in an efficient manner.

Complying with Social Security obligations is a must to protect your business, we handle and accompany you in every stage from corporate registration to administrative procedures.

We provide customized coaching and training programs to managers and other personnel in matters related to the Costa Rican legal system as well as internal corporate policies and regulations.


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